Competitive Grants

Lane Library League awards $1500 in grants to 5 libraries

In 2019 the Lane Library League has not only provided $3000 for Summer Reading Programs in rural Lane County, but we are also pleased to be able to award an additional $1500 in competitive grants to 5 volunteer libraries for special projects, as follows:

  • LOWELL LIBRARY: $500 for shelving, furniture, and supplies for a new library. Lowell’s current city hall and library have been deemed unsafe, so the city has bought a nearby church to remodel for use as a city hall and a new, expanded library.

  • ALVADORE VOLUNTEER LIBRARY: $500 for paint and exterior repairs of their current building, a mobile home unit beside a fire station.

  • DORENA SUMMER READING PROJECT: $300 for signage and shading. Dorena has no library building, so volunteers hold the summer reading program outside of the post office. Signs will increase awareness and safety for drivers. A canopy will offer shade for kids.

  • MARCOLA VOLUNTEER LIBRARY: $100 for astronomy books. The Marcola library is a part of the new Marcola high school that is open to the public. The library has hosted a popular astronomy program using a volunteer’s telescope. Appropriate books would add to the offering.

  • RIVER ROAD/SANTA CLARA VOLUNTEER LIBRARY: $100 for children’s books. This library is planning a membership drive to increase awareness and bring in more people. New children’s books will help.

Congratulations to the grant recipients! We wish could reward these struggling libraries even more. The efforts of volunteers are immensely appreciated.