Tips for Authors & Artists

Would you like to be considered for participation in future events?

Please email with your name, address, phone number, email, a one-sentence description about each of your books, and/or a website address that shows your artwork. A committee selects authors and artists for the fair, and notifies participants in September. The fair is always held on the second Saturday in December. Authors are also invited to attend two other Eugene booksignings on a first-come-first-served basis: the Oregon Authors Table at the Art & the Vineyard Festival during the 4th of July weekend, and the Oregon Authors Table at the Lane County Fair in the middle of August. To be invited to these events, submit the same information to the same email address.

If you are participating in the A&A Fair

Please note that set-up begins ONLY after 9am on Saturday. Use only the back loading dock entrance for set-up, because the hall's front doors do not open before 10am. Find the loading dock in the middle of the back of the largest building at the fairgrounds (when you enter the fairgrounds at the main entrance at 13th and Jefferson, keep right to park at the back of the large building). When you enter the loading dock entrance, the Atrium is down a hall, next door to the large Holiday Market room.

There is generally no power for spot lighting in the Atrium, but each table will have a green tablecloth. Programs with maps showing your table's location will be on the VISA table at the front of the Atrium. Your nameplate and nametag should be on your assigned table, along with a supply of charge card slips and a sales tally sheet. Food and drink may be purchased next door and consumed anywhere, but we cannot sell food or drink in the Atrium. Bring some change to simplify your cash sales. Please keep track of all your sales so that you can donate 25% of the total to the LLL before you leave.

If you do not have a "Square"-type credit card reader, you may use the Lane Library League's credit card reader with no fee. You should write your name and the item's price on a charge card form (provided at your table). Ask the customer to take the entire form to the VISA station at the front of the Atrium to pay. When the customer returns with the form stamped "PAID", you may give them the merchandise. The LLL's volunteers will keep a record of the transaction, and you will keep the stamped forms for your records. You do not have to give the customer a receipt, because our charge card device will do this by email or text message, if the customer wants.

At the end of the day, if you have enough charge card sales to offset your donation percentage, the LLL will write you a check. Volunteers will be on hand when you leave to help you with bookkeeping and payment. You may leave at any time after 5:30pm, although we encourage you to stay until the fair closes at 6. Thank you for helping the Lane Library League!

Downloadable POSTER for the fair (print out and post!):